Braids… Let’s Do The Twist!!!

2012 hairstyle twist side braid

When I was writing the post on Braids… I will have mine on the side, please, I came across the side twisted braid. Naturally, I wanted to learn more and yes, it will be my next hairstyle. It looks fresh and cute.. I want it… I will not go for the amazing complicated side braid of Taylor Swift but Lauren Conrad’s side braid will look cool with a twist!

Taylor Swift complicated side braids and twist

Instructions for the twist braids are very easy, basically the secret is to use Styling Creme from roots-to-ends of damp, towel-dried hair and then create the side-part. After that, you divide the section in two equal parts and weave the two sections inside and outside of one-another, developing a twist. Take it to the ear and pin underneath.

Side twist Long hair style


Lauren Conrad side twist braid

Side Braids red dress


Back to the 1950’s

 Have a lovely Weekend!!!




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