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Blogger's Success Story : Design for Mango...Isn't That Cool?! - TrendSurvivor

Blogger’s Success Story : Design for Mango…Isn’t That Cool?!

Mango The Blonde salad Designs

Hi Girls!!! Andy, proudly announced in her blog Style Scrapbook, today, that Werelse for Mango is now available!!! Now, isn’t that cool!!! I am amazed with how far fashion and style bloggers can go!! I love the collection Andy, Chiara and Carolina designed !!! Oh!!  And, I love the video staring Rossy De Palma and the pretty trio for the Launch of the new exclusive Collection of Mango Touch and Werelse accessories!!!
You can find Andy’s, Chiara’s and  designs here

Reach for the stars girls!!!
Have a lovely Day!!!

Have a lovely Day!!!



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  1. >I totally agree ! That's my life dream though, becoming a known fashion blogger and stylist and just taking it to a whole new level, u kno? (: There's so many bloggers out there the competition to be known is tough but one can only hope (: I hope the best to everyone! (:

    Cindy C.

  2. >I love the bag. my facorite piece of the whole collection!

    i see you changed the layout of the blog, its all the blog needed to kick off 🙂

  3. >My favorite are the black wedges can see on video.. Oh sold out already!!!

  4. >One has to be a lot of things to reach the level of success these three girls did… I wish us al the best and keep on blogging expressing ourselves… :))!!!

  5. >Thank you!! I was trying to have a different style from my other blog … I guess I was wrong… everything looks so much better in this layout!!!
    I love your stylish pictures!! I think Munich is one of the few German cities where you see so many elegant outfits!!! I remember Threresa before it was an online store too carrying the most YSL Tom Ford handbags I had ever seen in one store!!!


  6. >Haha I checked it out myself … maybe your size was sold out and not mine… This is the best piece of the collection…Hmm the neon bag too or maybe both bags…

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