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Black Polka Dot Reinvented - TrendSurvivor

Black Polka Dot Reinvented

Designers like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Michael Kors brought the black polka dot back. Therefore, monochrome motifs are a defining feature of many designer collections for Spring ’17 collection.

This pattern became common on clothing in the late nineteenth century in the United Kingdom.  In the Thirties this pattern became trendy on silhouettes, on fluttering chiffons and silks: tiny polka dots appeared mostly on black or blue fabrics. The trend became huge in the Fifties, especially in white and red.

Designers have decided to give this trend a new life.

This pattern will be the undisputed protagonist on tops and dresses this year.

So, find in your closet your black polka dot blouses and dresses. Start wearing them again.

If you don’t have consider getting one. So many choices this season….

Splurge or save? I would say go for high quality fabrics but not necessarily from top designers.

Black Polka Dot

Chanel black polka dot

Tiered Polka Dots maxi dress Michael Michael Kors // Cute shirtdress (bargain) // Frilled Maxi dress

Gucci Polka Dots Black dress


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