Black is back on my Fashion Map

Black is back in my fashion map

It is always a safe option to wear total black. So black is back in my fashion map in full force even on a sunny day. Following the lace shorts trend, I got an affordable black version from Zara and matched it with my ageless Prada classic blazer jacket.

Shopping in my closet I found a black Prada studded bag that looks trendy again. I know I said total black but I couldn’t resist adding a multicolor necklace… Do you wear total black on a sunny days?

Black is back in my fashion map
Black is back in my fashion map
Black is back in my fashion map with … a pop of bright color
Gold ring designed by Daphne Valente
Black is back in my fashion map

Classic Blazer Jacket Prada,

Lace Shorts Zara,

Multicolor Necklace Zara,

Gold and Black Necklace H and M,

Silver Studded Clutch Prada,

Gold Ribbon Ring Daphne Valente,

Sandals Wooden Heel  Zara

Submitted to ifb project 123: blazer of glory

Have a Lovely day!!!



  1. Love love love it! You look so sexy, stylish, chic and mysterious! Amazing job Nina! Well done! I recently bought the same necklace from Zara and I love it! Makes a great contrast with your black outfit!

    Many many kisses
    Out Of The Box

    1. Megia!!! This necklace looks great with so many outfits and I believe it doesn’t look like a cheap imitation of Tom Binns! Thank you for the compliments :))

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