Beyond the Kelly Bag… Kiki Van Eijk's Artistic Windows for Hermes at Bijenkorf in Amsterdam

Hermes in Bijendorf

Window displays can, sometimes, be breathtaking! I always admire a powerful window displays so when I saw the new Hermes artistic vitrines of the high end department store Bijenkof in Amsterdam, I wanted to share them with you. Studio Kiki Van Eijk, was given carte blanche to express the Hermes product line and it  has conceived five different window displays. The concept is ” The gift of time ” representing a different way of interpreting time.  Kiki explains : ‘time is even more precious now than before. it’s the biggest jewel you can have. why not juggle with time? and show the different aspects of it! it’s just how you look at it, and it’s all about your perception of time ” 

Kiki Van Eijk for Hermes
Bijendorf Amsterdam
Bijendorf Amsterdam
Bijendorf Amsterdam
Bijendorf Amsterdam
Bijendorf Amsterdam
Bijendorf Amsterdam 2012

Photographer : Frank Tielemans

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland the two-dimensional figures have been finished in a painterly, watercolor effect exhibiting a fantastical and surreal aesthetic. I love the new concept of promoting a line of products in an artistic way!!! Hermes is always so chic!!!

  1. So beautiful! This is what fashion is all about, not just luxury…But imagination and artistic expression! Love it 😉


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