Best Valentine Gift Ideas

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The time has almost come to show your love to your loved ones. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I have prepared a best Valentine gift ideas post for those of you who like celebrating this special day. Top in my list for the best Valentine gift ever is a diamond heart ring. I am in love with the Tiffany diamond heart but don’t worry my list includes presents that show you took the time to think about your loved ones and do not cost that much.

Mixed media by Joe Webb
Mixed media by Joe Webb

Love with diamond and rolex watch

Best Valentine Idea for your wife

Tiffany heart diamond

1. A romantic night out just the two of you will make her happy.

2. A trip to the place you first met.

3. Red shoes.

4. A a romantic getaway to a cute boutique hotel.

5. Heart jewelry. You can find the perfect Valentine hearts here

fashion hearts

Love ice cream

Best Valentine gift for your mom

cupcakes love

1. Heart Chocolates

2. A spa treatment

3. The flowers she loves

Love, heart jewelry

Best Valentine gift for your girlfriend

1. A Valentine card plus a gift card from her favorite store… probably here

2. Shoes

3. Heart jewelry

4. Designer handbag

Hermes red Valentine

You can buy the 35cm Rouge Casaque Clemence Leather Birkin

Hermes handbag here

Best Valentine gift for your husband

love sand heart

1. A nice Valentine gift idea is something related to a sport he likes, like for example personalized golf balls.

2. A pair of RayBan sunglasses. Look good on most men.

3. New headphones if he likes to listen to music while he runs or before he sleeps.

4. Mixed media collages by British artist Joe Webb

Valentine Gift Ideas Quiz

Just wondering, what scores highest on your Valentine’s Day gift list?

A. Box of heart chocolates.
B. Dozen red roses.
C. Karats.
D. Candlelight dinner.
E. Cuddling up to watch my favorite movie.

LOVE is in the air (video)

Have a lovely Day!!!


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