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Best lipstick tricks for fuller younger smoother lips beauty

Best lipstick tricks for fuller lips

Best lipstick tricks to make your lips look smoother, fuller and younger.
Check out how to naturally enhance your mouth.

Love these tricks of the trade for the ultimate beauty bust.

red lips girl

Lipstick tricks and tips

Use a homemade Lip Scrub

coconut oul and brown sugar lip scrub

Mix coconut oil with brown sugar and use it as a lip scrub.

Get voluminous lips illusion by adding dimension

fuller lips tricks

Play with shadows + light. If you want to bring a feature forward, you make it lighter, and if you want to push something back, you shade it darker. So to make the lips appear more voluminous, simply outline the top lip + the philtrum (the two midline grooves that run from the top of the lip to the nose) to highlight it. It’s a lot safer and less expensive than fillers and looks more natural.

Try Tom Ford Runway lip contour Duo ( Limited Edition ) or Velvet lip pencil from NARS. The modern way to wear a very classic matte lip.

Lip contouring


Kylie Jenner’s lip secret is contouring. This simple lip contour will create an illusion of plump pockets of pure juiciness in your lips.


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