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Best fashion and style quotes worth quoting and … pinning. Do you pin the things that inspire you, I wonder? I have a TrendSurvivor pinterest account but I mostly share what I love on the blog.

Posts like Fall for Camel inspiration or stylish bathroom ideas act as my mood-boards. I have posted my favorite quotes before but they keep on coming…

Smart sayings about dressing are relevant any time of the year. Right?


luxury quote offline is the new luxury

I promise I will not add another Coco Chanel quote  but what about the new sayings of our time? My absolute favorite that intrigued me to start searching for quotes again, is:

Offline is the new luxury!

black is a happy color

Morticia Addams famous quote, ” Black is such a happy color darling” , is still sooo relevant… New York and London fashion week had a lot of total black street style fashion.

People will keep staring make it worth -style quotes

Butterfly, preety to see hard to catch

self confidence quote

Dog Spot, The Outnet, TrendSurvivor, shopping quote

I am guessing the quote:

If you don’t understand the price of something it’s probably not meant for you

goes for anything from expensive wine, to designer shoes and bags …  So, so true!!!

if you dont understand the price of something its not for you

As much as I enjoy shopping new things, to be honest I usually feel I have more than enough clothes and shoes. Many times following other fashion bloggers and reading magazines inspires me to come up with new ways to wear what I already have inside my closet.

dressing is a way of life

style quotes nothing to wear

Anna Wintour style quote

Fashion is just an accessory for someone with great style

Which one is your favorite inspirational style quote?

Have a lovely Day!!!

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