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Best closet organization tips

Check out these closet organization tips because one of the keys to beautifully styling your looks is organizing your wardrobe and having easy access to all your garments.

Styling is an enjoyable experience when your wardrobe is tidy.

5 Closet Organization Tips

1. Use Proper hangers

Proper clothing care calls for appropriate hangers.

Use the ones with satin padding for more delicate items, slim hangers for shirts and wood hangers for tailored jackets.

appropriate hangers

slim velvet hangers

Slim velvet hangers 50 pack

Shop Hangers

2. Make everything visible

According to Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design “It’s much like the concept of a store. You can go shopping in your closet. So her best expert tip is to make things visible. You don’t just stuff things into a drawer. Everything should have a home.”

Jamie King dream closet

Jame King enjoying her dream closet makeover

I am loving the large Mongolian lamb bench by Jonathan Adler

(more affordable version Tibetan lamb here and faux fur here)

mongolian lamb bench white

Shop fur bench

3. Store your handbags on shelves

store your handbags

According to Giuliana Rancic, the best way to store your bags and purses is on shelves with vertical dividers for each bag.

Giuliana Rancic bag storage with dividers

Shop Shelves

4. Use clear boxes for small accessories

You can use plexiglass boxes for sunglasses, belts, purses and wallets.

Also, clear plastic drawers make perfect storage quarters for neatly rolled scarves and underwear.

clear boxes small accessories

Large All-Purpose Clear Box from Amazon

5. Use a jewelry stand for jewelry

You can invest in a hand-sculpted by artisans in Los Angeles, burnished bronze “Saints hand” by Kelly Wearstler. Ispired by the figural form and Kelly’s love of classical art, it’s a signature accessory, elegant, intriguing and soulful.

Jewelry stands come in many different shapes and forms.

Kelly wearstler saint hand with necklace

saint hand Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler Saints Hand ($225)

Shop jewelry stands

photos- My,

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