Best Christmas Gift for Your Men- Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

Cube-Laser-Virtual-Keyboard- Best Christmas Gift for Your Men

Hip Hip Hurray! Found the best Christmas gift for men, it’s the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for the iPhone and IPad! I am starting my Christmas gift list with this one because shopping for my dad and my son is the hardest task every year. When I saw this Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard I loved it so much, I was tempted to buy it for me, also. I am not only obsessed with shoes but electronic gadgets too. Anyway, the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard  is a tiny device that laser-projects a keyboard on any flat surface. Then you can type accompanied by key click sounds. Amazing! Huh?

It is compatible with iPad, iPhone or laptop, has a QWERTY layout and is available at the price of $125. The Laser Virtual Keyboard can approach typing speeds of a standard keyboard and is a little larger than a matchbook.

Product Specifications

Compatibility: iPhone 3GS/4, iPad (iOS4), Blackberry tablet, Android 2.0 and higher, Windows Phone 7, Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS
Interface: Bluetooth HID and USB 2.0
Keyboard Layout: 19mm sized QWERTY layout
Detection rate: Up to 400 characters per minute
Operating Surface: Most flat opaque surfaces
Battery duration: Approximately 150 minutes, 700mAh built-in rechargeable battery

I think I found the top gift for all men from age 20 to 70 with an iPad or iPhone i.e. every man I know.

Best Christmas Gift- Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard (VIDEO)

You can find it here

Stay tuned for the rest of my Christmas shopping list!

Have a lovely Day!!!


  1. Im confused about why this is repeatedly referred to as a “man” gift… it seems gender neutral in every aspect. Am I missing something?

    1. Thank you for your comment Ariel! I refer to it as a man’s gift, only, because it is so hard for me to find gifts for men… of course it is gender neutral! I am having my eye on it!

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