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Best beach wave bob hairstyles inspiration hair ideas

Best beach wave bob hairstyles

One of my favorite haircuts lately is the long bob so I have the best beach wave bob hairstyles to share.

If your hair got damaged this summer why not try this youthful, easy to style, haircut? For this reason, I added a video tutorial at the end of this post so you can see how easy it is to get beach waves in winter.

As you will see soon, I have cut my hair shorter and I love it.

beach wave bob hairstyles


Layered Bob


Blond short bob

dark-hair-bob beach wave bob



beach-waves-highlight-short-hair beach wave bob


Stylish bob half updo




half up-do

Long bob hairstyle tutorial video

This hairstyle works better with two day hair.

Personally, I use the “Irresistible Me” styling wand and I turn my fine limp thin hair into some wavy fluffiness !


Have a lovely Day!!!


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