Beauty Tips- How to Wear the (Oxblood) Dark Red Lipstick Trend

Oxblood- Dark Red Lipstick is the hottest new fall makeup fashion trend! I first loved this dark red shade at the Chanel Haute Couture Fall fashion show which was literally only about red; specifically the deep, oxblood color hues, in 2010. However, it is this year that the coolest party makeup demands using this shade of dark red lipstick. It’s definitely the “it” shade when it comes to lips and I have the best tips and inspiring images on how to wear it.

Oxblood red at CHANEL Fall-Winter 2010 Haute couture Show

TIPS for Wearing the Dark Red Lipstick (Oxblood) Trend

1. If you have thin lips, a dark lipstick could make them appear even smaller. So start with a sheer stain and use a lip pencil to fill out the lip ever so slightly.

2. If you have thin lips, you can also dab a lighter colored lipstick on the center of your mouth to make lips appear fuller.

3. The key to wearing oxblood  lip is to keep the rest of the face fresh and glowing. Use a sheer foundation and concealer and apply a blush in a complementary shade.

4. Dipping a Q-tip into a little loose powder and then running it along the edges of the lips.

5.  To avoid the red-on-the-teeth look there is the old trick of sticking a finger in your mouth, then slowly pulling it out to get rid of any excess color. Believe me it works!

Photo by Chad Pitman Bon Ton Eccentrico Flair, 2009
Photo by Chad Pitman Bon Ton Eccentrico Flair

Shop Dark Red (oxblood) Ellis Faas lip-color

Gisele Budchen dark red lipstick

Costello Tagliapietra Jason Wu 2012-2013 Oxblood Red Tom Ford

Costello Tagliapietra and Jason Wu 2012-2013 amazing Oxblood Red Dresses

Shop Tom Ford lipstick

Styling – Claire Dhelens, Make Up – Yadim, Hair – Rudi Lewis


Christmas Gift Idea

Fashion Photography by Mark Segal

 IFB Project #74


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  1. I love this look, yet am always hesitant to try it due to fear of it looking messed up at some point in the night. Great tips you shared!

  2. I lovee that color, I posted about it on my blog too 🙂

    hope you come visit my blog too hun xo

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