Beauty DIY | 4 Blow Drying Tips that will Improve your HairStyle


Have you heard about the 7 minute blowout? It’s the essential 4 Tips you must know about drying your hair. See how you can have a professional blowout at home.

Step 1: Choose the Right Tool

Using a top blowdryer is important. For salon perfect hair you need a professional dryer. What this means?

The blow-dryer should operate in no more than 1,800 watts, to minimize damage.  Have a turbo motor to dry hair faster and obviously, be marked as professional.

I read that Marrero’s secret weapon is the Turbo Power TwinTurbo 2600 Professional Hair Dryer (you can find it at

Also make sure you dry your hair first and then use a round brush to style it.

Step 2: Divide and Conquer

Divide your hair into four sections, one at the back, one at each side and one on top. Makes sense right?

Step 3: Attack the Back

Start by working the back first.

Step 4: Get a Frizz-Free Finish

Switch your dryer to the cool setting in order to lock in your style. Hitting your hair with cold air will help close the cuticles.

Lock in your style by switching the dryer to the cool setting and hitting your hair with cold air to close the cuticles; this will amp up shine.

Haistyle blow dry


Try Restore Shampoo Living Proof from Marks&Spencer, I haven’t tried it yet but I heard it’s amazing.

Brown Glossing Mask by Josh Wood. He is credited as being the most influential and respected hair colorist in the world.  So go for that one too…

Images- Vogue

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    1. Hahahaha me too, Paula….I am useless with my hair too but sometimes I have to do it by myself…

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