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BAROQUE OUTFIT- Rhapsody - TrendSurvivor


Icelle's Styling tips Collage Rhapsody
Icelle’s inspiration for this stylish day to night baroque chic outfit collage is design trendsetter Kelly Wearstler and her amazing coffee table book, Rhapsody. In the book Kelly shares her inspirations, inviting readers into the creation of her opulent interiors. The silk, cashmere and wool dress by Mary Katrantzou brings a beautiful mesmeric baroque print to knitwear and Junya Watanabe reinvents the classics with a cutting edge coat with a twist. Icelle’s Styling tip: Wearing a pair of ankle boots is ideal for a trendy chic day to night look. Love the 3D card horse from habitat that completes the picture perfect outfit collage.

1. Dress Mary Katrantzou 2. Coat Junya Watanabe /3. Boots Emilio Pucci / 4. Creative 3D Card Horse / 5. Rhapsody: Kelly Wearstler / 6. Plate by Kerry Wearstler

Rhapsody- About

Kerry Wearstler Rhapsody

“Luxurious interiors that capture the swankiness of old-world Hollywood with a modern pop sensibility, Wearstler is known for her decadent designs of residences and boutique hotels, such as the line of Viceroys and the tastemakers Maison 140 and Avalon.” Her ornate interiors are distinctive for layers of bold textures, patterns, and rich colors juxtaposed with lustrous surfaces, adding up to a whimsical and elegant look that has been called “mod baroque.”

I just ordered the book because I adore her style…


Have a lovely Day!!!


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    1. Amazing..what impressed me even more is that this adorable print dress is knit 🙂

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