Banana Updo Hairstyle | A fresh French Twist


I always thought a French twist or banana updo hairstyle as it’s often called, is a stylish solution for hot summer days even though it looks super chic with a winter outfits, too. Inspired by the classic elegance of Audrey Hepburn in the iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s it is no doubt an all time classic.


Fresh French twist, banana updo

If you are looking for a retro chic party hairstyle for your up coming evening invitations do try this. I am loving these updos with 1950s style midi evening dresses as its vertical shape seemingly adds length to the back of the neck.

All the glamour and sophistication you need in an easy bun which is perfect when you are in a rush or your hair is not freshly washed.

I know it’s beach wave season but don’t you just feel like pulling up your hair sometimes. When trendy headband braids feel to casual and summer braids too boho, go for the fresh French twist.

This festive French roll updo can be worn with medium, shoulder length to long hair.

French Twist Banana Updo Instructions

Check out the easy step-by-step styling instructions for this elegant updo.


French twist, banana updo instructions

Alternatively follow six easy steps:

1. Comb thoroughly your hair straight and apply a gloss hairspray for extra shine.

2. Apply a small amount of hair gel to make your hair more manageable or use a dry shampoo or volumizing spray to add volume.

3. Depending on what you prefer you can part or don’t part your hair before gathering it loosely in the back of your head.

4. Gather your hair to a tight ponytail in the neck. Then start pulling your hair up toward the top of your head and keep on turning the ponytail around until it takes the shape of the typical banana you see in the pictures.

5. Secure the strand with bobby pins and use a lot of hairspray to secure your banana hairdo in place.

6. For a final touch add hair fragrance because incredible smelling hair is truly irresistible.





Have a lovely Day!!!


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