Bag Trend Spotting- Watch your Back [Pack]

Bag Trend Spotting- Watch your Back [Pack]-chanel-backpack

I thought Miroslava Duma looked absolutely stunning wearing her vintage Chanel backpack. After I saw that picture, I started wearing my vintage Gucci backpack regularly. Backpacks made a huge come back. From bright colors to classic black, this easy-to-carry accessory is made for Island summer vacations, road trips, festivals, and weekend getaways. Plus, it is the perfect, hands-free way to tote all of your belongings and still stay connected to a myriad of tech devices…Enjoy stylish celebrity street style and shop cool backpacks. I know I am packing my turquoise Prada nylon back pack for our trip to the Greek Islands.

Bag Trend Spotting backpack Chanel Miroslava Duma

Bag Trend Spotting- BackPack black

Stylescrapbook Andy backpack

Andy from StyleScrapbook wearing a leather Mango dress

Bag Trend Spotting- Watch your Back [Pack]

Bag Trend Spotting backpack 6

Bag Trend Spotting backpack 7

Bag Trend Spotting backpack 5

Bag Trend Spotting- Watch your Back [Pack]-2chanel-backpacks


Images- StyleSaint, Vogue

Shop Backpacks from Chanel to ASOS

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  1. Backpacks are so great, I love how unexpectedly chic they look with an outfit. Perfect inspiration Nina 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

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