Travel Australia- Great Ocean Outfit and my Crocodile Dundee hat

crocodile dundee hat


Did you notice my new traditional Crocodile Dundee hat with a genuine Australian crocodile band? I got it from Australian Leather Goods in Melbourne with my sister Yanna.

It was the first thing I picked up to wear at 5:00 in the morning the day we took The Ocean Drive Tour. As for the rest of my outfit, half a sleep I chose to wear my JBrand bermuda shorts and a Massimo Dutti blouse.

And believe it or not I remembered to ad my Balenciaga handbag in my back pack to take some pictures with my matching vintage Louis Vuitton flip flops.


Travel Australia- The Great Ocean Road- Balenciaga bag

Travel Australia- The Great Ocean Road- balenciaga blue


australia sea casual outfit

I was wearing:

Australian Hat, you can find here

Blouse parsley print Massimo Dutti Similar by Isabel Marant

Bermuda shorts JBrand

Handbag blue Balenciaga

Sandals Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses mirrored green Rayban

Photos © Yanna P /me

Have a lovely Day!!!



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