Astonishing Mason Jar (Candle) Oil Lamp

It’s so easy to create these magical Mason Jar oil lamps. Honestly, you will need to minutes to make them.

A  perfect last minute decoration for dinner parties and festive gatherings!

You will need Mason Jars, flowers, or fruits water, oil and/or rechaud candles.

Use your imagination because the possibilities are endless.




from a piece of rainbow .com


flower lamps mason jar[br]

Step 1 : Gather some glass bottles and jars, fill with flowers or other treasures. Cover with water.

You can buy Mason Jars here



Step 2 : Pour some vegetable oil on top, till the oil form a layer of about 1/4″ thick.


filled mason jar[br]

Step 3 : Insert the floating wicks  half way through the center hole on the disc, and put it on top of the oil.



Alternatively, don’t use oil just use a rechaud candle.


Important Tip:


If flowers float to the top, you can hold the stem down with some small rocks, glass beads etc






Have a lovely Day!!!


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