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Jewelry necklaces modern Artworx by Maria Xanthakos

Jewelry Artworx by Maria Xanthakos

Artworx is a new fresh stylish line of modern jewelry designed by my multi-talented, extremely creative friend Maria Xanthakos.

Inspired by her many travels and created with love, her accessories are unique and will upgrade any outfit.

Add sophistication and style to a simple t-shirt, a monochrome blouse or a simple dress.

I wore my leather zipper necklace with a minimal blue black dress and over the knee boots to lunch a few weeks back when we were arranging our trip to India but I don’t have any pictures yet. Stay tuned.


artworx necklaces

Maria Xanthakos necklace

leather zipper necklace artworx

necklace Maria Xanthakos

You can find her amazing jewelry in shops like i-D concept store in Athens or you can contact her directly here.

Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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