Artworks Spring Bags by Maria Xanthakos

Artistic bags jewelry Maria Xanthakos

Artistic envelope clutches loaded with personality are the hottest trend in handbags for Spring Summer 2014 and the new project of my stylish friend Maria Xanthakos.

She is constantly involved with art and fashion. Making a limited collection of trendy ethnik inspired bags and jewelry is her new hobby. I went to her house because we arranged a dog play-date for my baby cavalier King Charles Spot with her beagles Mochita and Chupita. While our dogs where having fun I took some pictures of her work in progress.

If you are on the lookout for the next must-have bag it should be unique. You can find some of “Artworks” bags in art stores like the new Art shop at Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall.

For Vogue 2014 Spring bag trends you can click here and you will notice it’s all about personality and avant garde style.

Dog play date beagle and cavalier

work in progress Artistic bags jewelry Maria Xanthakos

Work in progress

Artistic bags jewelry Maria Xanthakos

Vintage Singer sawing machine

Artistic bags jewelry Maria Xanthakos

Artworks bags and jewelry by Maria Xanthakos

Artistic bags jewelry Maria Xanthakos

TrendSurvivor Artistic bags jewelry Maria Xanthakos

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Photos © me (Trend Survivor)

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  1. Απίθανες οι δημιουργίες της φίλης σας και τα κοσμήματα είναι τα περίφημα”χαϊμαλιά” ,που μας έβαζαν οι μαμάδες μας με παραμάνα στο εσωτερικό φανελάκι ,για να μην μας πιάνει το μάτι!
    Ωραίες οι φώτο, μα την παράσταση κλέβουν όπως πάντα ,οι τετράποδοι φίλοι σας!

  2. These bags/clutches are really beautiful and unique! The prints really get me into the spring/summer mood and I love finding new designers. Thanks for the tip! xo-Elaine

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