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Are capri flare jeans the new flares ? - TrendSurvivor

Are capri flare jeans the new flares ?

Do you have a flair for capri flare after reading yesterdays’s post on how to wear the cropped flare? That’s a mouthful…

Styling the cropped flare pants06

Even though I love Alexa Chung’s outfit… wearing the new style jeans with a simple white t-shirt and Superga sneakers I went for a different off-duty day look wearing my Charlotte Olympia kitty slippers.

The cool thing about the cropped flare is indeed versatility. Dress it down with your favorite pair of sneakers or if you’re feeling like that trend has been milked dry, wear your cropped pants with mules, clogs or slippers.

At first, back in 2014, it seemed like an awkward length pant but it is enjoying an unexpected moment in the spotlight this season again as the hems keep rising on our favorite flares. Is there a right length? Not really… they are longer than culottes  and shorter than a standard bootcut trouser.

The capri flare jeans (also called cropped flare or cropped bootcut jeans) could become the most versatile piece of clothing for Spring and Summer 2016. According to cropped flares are the new culottes… the modern take on the capri pant is on next season’s runways and ready to be added in our closets.

chanel white bag and cropped flare jeans

Chanel vintage white bag

Styling the cropped flare pants05


Styling the capri flare jeans

Leather jacket IRO (past season)

White top Mango

Capri flare Zara

Charlotte Olympia leopard Kitty flats


Ph- Natasa Kost

Have a lovely Day!!!

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