APIVITA Natural Cosmetics- New in… Bathroom

APIVITA- Sea Lavender Facial Mask

When I returned home from Paros I found a big brown box from APIVITA Natural Cosmetics at my doorstep. I lift it up and wow.. it was heavy…how exciting! One of the wonderful things about being a fashion blogger @Trendusvivor is receiving amazing products for review :). APIVITA has a high quality line of natural cosmetics and has been creating natural effective and holistic products since 1979 to promote health and beauty. The founders Nikos and Niki Koutsianas, both pharmacists, first met at a local Athens pharmacy in 1972, where they discovered their shared passion for nature. They were married in that very same pharmacy and together they created their first natural cosmetic products using bee products and Greek herbs. Now their brand has physical presence in 11 countries worldwide: Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, USA.

APIVITA- Sun-care

APIVITA- New in... Bathroom-0001

APIVITA Natural Cosmetics- New in... Bathroom

Stay tuned I will tell you all about my favorites!

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