Anatol Knotek nothing lasts forever

Anatol Knotek is one of the world’s most celebrated contemporary Artists. Anatol Knotek is a Visual Poet from Vienna, Austria and to be honest, I first saw his work on Saatchi Online. ‘Nothing last Forever” definitely made an impression on me but out of all of his works, the written portraits stand out with their complexity and level of detail. The purpose of his “written images” is to express ideas strongly bound to the written. Knotek’s interest in visual poetry arose around a decade ago, after a meeting with an Austrian poet. Until that time he had only been interested in painting and the classic fine arts, but after his first contact with visual poetry, he realized how fascinated he was by it, and started working primarily in this field. Since then, Anatol Knotek  has had his works displayed in many art galleries around the world. His visual poems have been published in journals, chapbooks, schoolbooks and anthologies. Do you agree he is inspiring?

Time by Anatol

Anatol Knotek Visual Poet

Print Anatol Knotek Plus

anatol knotek art ernst jandl hermann hesse picasso van gogh portrait

anatol knotek

Anatol Knotek detail

written-portraits Anatol Knotek Girl

Anatol Knotek Visual Poet

Anatol Knotek TIME PASSES BY

You can see more Visual Poetry and Anatol Knotek’s work here

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