Greek Fashion Icon … Chrysanthie Rapsomaniki one of her tattoos

My collection of amazing stylish tattoos part 2 starts with Chrysanthie Rapsomaniki and her avant garde black and white tattoo. She is the first stylish, high society, Greek girl, I ever saw having amazing tattoos, a gorgeous figure and a great sense of fierce, sexy,  edgy rock style!! As I already told you, I wanted to get a tattoo for years but the idea of having it for as long as I will live … tattooed… on my body frustrated me. I have made up my mind now, so I am posting my tattoo collection part 2. Enjoy the view…

Erin Wasson tattoos
Angelina Jolie back tattoo
Megan Fox tattoo
Beyonce Tattoo

amazing lower back stylish tattoo

Erin Wasson Rock Chic style tattoos

Have a lovely Day!!



New In Closet : White Flats with spikes… Waiting to be styled !!!

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  1. Oh how I love Megan Fox! I have been contemplating getting a quote on my side for some time now, but just haven’t been brave enough to do it.


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