Amazing Stylish Tattoos … Part 1

Nancy Sangioni : My Greek Tattoo Goddess

I wanted to get a tattoo for years but the idea of having it for as long as I will live … tattooed… on my body frustrated me. The decision was always postponed while I was collecting pictures of the amazing tattoos I came across in my search for the one. I have made up my mind now, so I am posting my tattoo collection. Enjoy the view…

Megan Fox tattoo for Armani
Cheryl Cole Sexy Tattoo
Victoria Beckam
Rihanna tattoo

Click on any picture to see the Tattoo Slideshow

Tattoo girl by Steven Meisel

Have a lovely day!!!


Japanese Tattoo : I am ready!!!


  1. This makes me want another tattoo so very bad 😉 I only have one right now and it is on my wrist…But what great inspiration and so artistic!


  2. I love how tattoos look on others (especially these gorgeous ones you selected) but have never been able to take the leap myself! Curious about what you decided on!

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