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Greek Island Aigina | A Stylish Villa - TrendSurvivor

Greek Island Aigina | A Stylish Villa

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0017

Last weekend we arrived early in the afternoon at Aigina, the picturesque Greek Island lying in the Saronic Gulf.

After a short boat trip, a light lunch and lots of Ouzo we went to one of the most stylish, sophisticated villas in the Island. The house is beautiful, build of stone and decorated with traditional mostly Greek furniture all mixed together in a very special way. The magnificent garden smelled spring and I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

These are from our first day. I was so impressed by all the colorful details and the amazing paintings by the famous artist Pavlos Samios.  A perfect weekend escape.

The weather was mostly sunny but we did not swim. We stayed three days…we ate a lot and laughed even more. Stay tuned I used my camera a lot :)… I hope you will enjoy it.

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0021

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0020

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0018

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0016

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0015

Aigina Weekend Villa Pics-0001

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0000

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0005

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0019

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0009

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0000 copy

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0006

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0003

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0012

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0014

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0013

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0001

Aigina Weekend Villa Pics-0000

Aigina Weekend Villa Pics-0004

Aigina Weekend Villa Pics-0005

Aigina Weekend Villa Pics-0006

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0011

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0004

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0002

Aigina- A Stylish Villa-0010

Aigina Weekend Villa Pics-0002

Photos © me

Have a lovely Day!!!


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    1. It was not that warm but it was sunny… 🙂 I fell in love with the young one Mohita 🙂

    1. Thank you my dear Miss M. The photography classes helped me a lot. To be honest I feel proud for many of them 🙂

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