Adding Visual Interest to a Sofa

Adding Visual Interest to a Sofa pillows

Most of us buy our sofa in a solid color. We might purchase a sofa in our favorite shade of blue or perhaps in a soft gray that matches the rest of the room’s décor. No matter what color you buy, you may want to add a few things to give the sofa a little more visual interest. Here are a few suggestions on how to dress up your couch.

Adding Visual Interest to a Sofa 6

Throw Pillows of All Types

Adding Visual Interest to a Sofa  pillows

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to dress up a sofa is with throw pillows. For instance, if you have a sofa in a neutral color such as tan you can add some pastel blue or green throw pillows to it. These pillows give a tan sofa an immediate dash of color. Another option is adding pillows that feature intricate patterns. In example, you may choose pillows with red and white stripes to dress up a plain white sofa. This combination creates visual harmony in the room. One of the biggest benefits of adding throw pillows to the decor is that there are all sorts of sizes and shapes available.


Throw A Comfortable Blanket

Adding Visual Interest to a Sofa blanket

Another suggestion for dressing up a sofa is to incorporate a comfortable blanket into the picture. Once again, there are a lot of options when it comes to blankets. A yellow sofa would pair well with a light blue blanket draped over it. A blanket is decorative as well as practical. It can be used to add color to any sofa while acting as a warm cover for someone who is sitting on the couch watching television. These blankets are available in all types of textures and fabrics. Someone who is looking for a new sofa to add to their home may want to do some research at a place like Furniture Wilkes Barre PA.

Adding Visual Interest to a Sofa 8 blanket

Add An Interesting Slip Cover

Adding Visual Interest to a Sofa  covers

Finally, dressing up a sofa is easy with a slip cover. There are many slip covers with patterns and designs that can completely change the look of a sofa. You will need to measure the sofa in order to get the appropriate size and shape. It’s important that a slip cover fit a sofa in a secure way. Ideally, the slip cover should look like it is the sofa’s original covering.

Adding Visual Interest to a Sofa pillows

Images- Marili Forastieri, Elle Deco

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