Adding an edge to your look with Raquel Allegra

Raquel Allegra (3)

If you are looking for something a little edgy to spice up your casual denims this season I suggest
you look no further than Raquel Allegra. I recently came across Raquel as she created a capsule
collection for and I instantly fell in love with the back story to her pieces. Did
you know this LA designer uses recycled shirts from Los Angeles County Jail? Now that is what I call
adding a bit of a rebellious touch to your look.

Raquel Allegra show

Raquel has a bit of a cult following from the fashion A crowd of LA but more and more people are
noticing her amazing talent. Her signature techniques include jersey shredding, webbing and mixing
and matching textiles although she has been adding a bit of laid back luxury with cashmere, linen
and silk too.


What do you think about Raquel? Do you think you would want to add a bit of rebel chic to your
style with a piece from the Matches capsule collection?


Raquel Allegra (2)

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