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Access All Areas- Bathrooms of the Stars - TrendSurvivor

Access All Areas- Bathrooms of the Stars

Bathrooms and mirrors

We all wonder from time to time about celebrity star’s lavish homes, luxurious furnishings, bathrooms and incredibly spacious stylish rooms. Take a trip through the glamorous bathrooms of the A-list elite with Bella Bathrooms and perhaps take on some of their style tips from sliding screen doors to enormous bathroom mirrors…

Julianne Moore’s bathroom

Julianne Moore Photoshoot for The Edit 2014
Julianne Moore Photoshoot for The Edit 2014
West Village townhouse bathroom Julianne Moore
West Village townhouse bathroom- Julianne Moore

Actress Julianne Moore’s bathroom recently underwent a renovation in order to transform the third-floor room into a spa-like haven. The bathtub was deep and made from marble, there was a double vanity with plenty of space for beauty and grooming products and the whole room was based around a contemporary theme of clean lines and minimalist chic. A fireplace next to the bathtub creates the ultimate in relaxation and a huge functional mirror at one end reflects light and allows for impromptu styling sessions. This bathroom is one to be envied and replicated! For minimalist inspiration, try here.

Christina Aguilera’s bathroom

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera’s bathroom
Christina Aguilera’s bathroom

Pop singer Christina Aguilera’s bathroom is a world away from Ms Moore’s chic and neutral look. The eclectic style of this room is full of character, with designer rugs sporting quirky designs and a whimsical assortment of accessories. Minimalism is not high on this star’s list; she has adorned every surface with candles, dishes, bowls and lanterns to create a room that is infused with her own personality. Though perhaps not to everyone’s taste, you would be hard pressed to call it anything other than unique!

 Ryan Philippe’s oriental bathroom in Los Angeles

Ryan Philippe
Ryan Philippe
 Ryan Philippe's oriental bathroom in Los Angeles
Ryan Philippe’s oriental bathroom in Los Angeles

Movie star Ryan Philippe has gone all out for the zen-inspired oriental bathroom, complete with sliding screen doors and grass-cloth wallpaper. The soothing room has barely any adornment; a few bottles stand on the spacious counter top, but the room is bare besides for the huge freestanding bathtub. A large shower enclosure is built into the wall, not interrupting the line of the room and the space exudes peace and serenity. If you like your bath time to be meditative and relaxing, this is the look for you.

Ralph Lauren’s master bathroom

Ralph Lauren's ba
Ralph Lauren’s bathroom

Designer Ralph Laurens master bathroom is a study in sheer indulgence. The room, which overlooks the Central Park reservoir and is situated in one of the most in-demand locations on the planet, is mirrored from wall to wall, with white-lacquer cabinets and shiny marble floors and counters. You can see your reflection in almost every surface and the look is lavish, clean and sleek. Not for those who want a low-maintenance bathroom and definitely not for houses with children.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s quirky bathroom

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick bathroom in in Greenwich Village
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick bathroom in in Greenwich Village

A-list pairing Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have a quaint and quirky bathroom, with royal blue highlights and plenty of character. Two matching wall-mounted basins allow space and privacy for the pair in the mornings and the evenings, whilst the wooden cladding and sconces pay tribute to eras gone by. This look is perfect for second homes or guest bathrooms with a little pizzazz and will go down as one of the more unique and individual celebrity bathrooms on the list.

Images- Sotheby’s, Elle Decor

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  1. I am drooling over all these bathrooms! I fell in love with Julianne’s, that tub is gorgeous! SJP’s isn’t bad either, what I would give for a beautiful tub like that. Thanks for letting us daydream a little 🙂 xo

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