9 Best Summer Braids

Denim cutoffs, pool slides, summer dresses what should come next, if not summer braids? Always, thumbs up on TrendSurvivor for stylish braids, especially if they come with instructions.
9 Best Summer Braids

9 Best Summer Braids long thick

9 Best Summer Braids long thick 2 side-braids

cupcakes and cashmere thick side braids

bridal braid updo



I have shown you how to do easily side-braids (video) and how to master the art of doing yourself the perfect French braid (video) so here comes my top 10 list of the best braids for this summer. I am loving the bride hairstyles with flowers even if you are not the bride…

A minor problem you might face… shhh I do at least … is not having that much hair to create a thick awesome looking braid…

I have teamed up with the most amazing online store irresistibleme.com, reasonably priced I must add, offering natural hair extensions that are easy to wear. You can use code-IrresistibleTrend for a 10% discount.

I chose my new clip in extensions, a shade lighter than my hair so I can dye them if needed.

They have arrived in Athens but I am not. I can’t wait to try them out. Stay tuned.

Side braid DIY



Happy braiding!

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Have a lovely Day!!!


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