7 tips to wash your hair the right way

Seven tips worth checking to make sure you know how to wash your hair the right way. Learn how you can optimize your hair shampooing routine.

I knew was I shouldn’t wash my hair too often but l learned there is more to shiny, healthy hair than dry shampoo after 2 days.




How to wash your hair the right way


1. Let your hair get completely wet before you apply your shampoo.

2. Consider using a water filter that will extract any harsh minerals from your water. Your hair will rinse cleaner and feel softer.

3.Don’t use too much product, or too little. Using more shampoo will not clean more it will actually weight down your hair.

4. Change the way you apply shampoo. First apply it at the scalp and work towards the ears and wherever your hair usually gets greasy first. Massage gently.

5. Use products suited for your hair type. If you are not sure about your hair-type you can ask your hairdresser.

6. Wash your hair twice. Change shampoo brands often.

7. Make sure you focus on the right spots. Shampoo is most important wherever your hair is the most greasy on the scalp and conditioner should be focused on damaged ends.






Have a lovely Day!!!


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