7 Stylish Practical Jewelry Storage Ideas

7 inspiring jewelry storage ideas to organize your necklaces, rings and bracelets. How to organize your jewelry in a stylish practical way?

I am always looking for creative tips to organize my wardrobe. It’s key to spending less and making the most of what you already have.

You probably have everything from Chanel statement pieces to everyday essentials, to amazing body jewelry from Fresh Trends.

Do you need to display your favorite fashion jewelry pieces beautifully and stylishly? Read on if tangled necklaces and missing earring backs sounds familiar… Separate those tiny gold chains once and for all and keep everything stylishly tidy.

Stylish Jewelry Storage Ideas

The most stylish and smart ideas for decluttering your jewelry box. Be inspired with ideas of how you can hang delicate pieces and really put your sparkly treasures on display.

1. Use ordinary household items like drawer knobs

jewelry storage ideas

ordinary household items for organizing jewelryYou can combat clutter by using ordinary household items in unexpected ways. I love the drawer knobs they have at Zara.

2. Use hooks

jewelry storage ideas

Use hooks on a wooden board and hand your necklaces and earring neatly!

3. Use kitchenware creatively

jewelry display ideas kitchenware

You jewelry on a platter? Why not? Cheese and cake platters are a stylish option for jewelry organizing.

4. Easy DIY, Use tree branches for hanging jewelry

tree branches for jewelry

You can create this yourself by painting with silver spray a real tree brach and hanging it on your wall. If you are not into DIY you can shop the Manzanita Wall Jewelry branch from West Elm. (see jewelry storage shopping guide below)

6. Use clear boxes for jewelry


Using clear boxes in different sizes according to the type of jewelry you are organizing is an option if you have enough space to display them.

7. Use a vintage ladder


There is no end with what you can do with a vintage ladder for your home decoration. Christmas decor ideas using a ladder will come up soon, however, for now you can use an old ladder for jewelry too.

Shop my favourite jewelry organizing trays, bowls and more.

Images- createandbabble.com, West Elm,

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