7 Last Minute Christmas Decor

Holiday list

If you are not among the ones that started decorating for Christmas in November and you just need a last minute Christmas Decor idea this post is for you.

1. Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Brownies

Such a cute idea… adding a strawberry to a cupcake will transform it to a Santa Claus hat.

2. DIY Snowflake Light Marquee

Snow flake light

Looks amazing and is relatively easy if you are into DIY projects. For the full instructions visit abeautifulmess.com

3. Sustainable Gift wrapping Pilled on a table

Sustainable Gift wrapping

Easy and chic… The sustainable gift wrapping idea from becauseimaddicted.net will add a festive touch if you pile your gifts up on a table.

4. Palette Christmas tree 

Palette Christmas tree

The easiest DIY Christmas tree … Just paint a white Christmas tree on a palette and use a few cute Christmas ornament.

5.  Holiday Window Decor 

Holiday  window decor

Use red ribbon and different sized green wreaths. Hang them in different lengths from the ceiling and you will have a chic Christmas decoration.

6.  You can use just a Christmas tree

Christmas tree minimal

Using a Christmas tree without ornaments is a minimal decor option… Love the cozy oversized blanket under the tree.

7. Candles with cinnamon

candles with cinnamon

Wrap cinnamon sticks around white candles and place them on a white plate.

If you want to do aome last minute Christmas Decor shopping, I found amazing stylish decor with 30% off at the Burke Store

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