7 caffeine-free tips to get energy back

Seven caffeine-free tips to get energy levels back up. If you feel a run-down and need to chill out but have tons of things to do this post is for you.

Learn how you can boost your energy in a healthy non-cafeinated way.


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These techniques and activities that are not only proven to add a lot of energy to your day, but also add to your overall health.

To be honest, I am writing this post zipping my morning coffee 🙂 . I do not want to change my morning ritual. However, at noon especially after lunch I feel burned out and I need a nap. Sugar-packed drinks and snacks are not an option!

How to add energy during your day ?


You could try to drink your coffee later in the morning because when your body wakes up naturally it produces cortisol and testosterone. Both important hormones for energy, so you are waking with them naturally. Scheduling your coffee fix a few hours into your day will give you the lift when your body needs it—as those hormones start to lower.


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 Tips to get energy


1…. Take your vitamins in the afternoon.

Taking your vitamins (plus a B12 and iron supplement) in the afternoon, will aid with stamina.

2…. Exposure to light

Exposure to light will wake up your body. Sunlight works best but even artificial light will wake up your body. If you can walk outdoors when you feel the need to chill out.

3…. Move your body

Try stretching or do a 6 minute workout listening to your favorite high energy music. Exercise initiates physiological changes in your body that increase blood flow and energy substrates to both your brain and skeletal muscles, increasing your alertness and overall energy availability.

4….Single tasking

I like multi-tasking, it make me feel kind of … smart but it can lead to stress to your body and mind. Have you noticed how fast battery goes down when you have a lot of apps and pages open on your iPhone ?!

5….Healthy Snacks

10 almonds or an apple with cinnamon and honey are great options to bust your energy levels.

6….Take breaks

Take a short break from what your are doing. Have a healthy snack and take a brisk walk in the sunshine if you can.

7….Yoga – the breath of fire

These Kundalini yoga breathing techniques are designed to have very specific and, often, immediate, energetic effect on the body.

The Breath Of Fire is a yogic breathing technique designed to not only cleanse, but heat and energize your body. And, it at it’s core is a series of quick, panting-like exhales. For detailed instructions, click here for a how to do the breath of fire video


Have a lovely Day!!!


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