6 Easy Steps to a dreamy living room

Renovating your living room? Or moving someplace new? The dreamy home decoration guide will help you choosing furniture and creating the perfect living space faster.

6 easy steps six for creating a very stylish living room

perfect living room tips

1… Neutral sofa

By choosing a neutral sofa you will see that decorating will become easier and your living room can turn of Scandinavian, eclectic, shabby chic or Californian.

Natural sofa // Leather neutral sofa

rug with style2..Stylish rug

Pick a great rug that has a print that defines the style you want for your living room. It can add colors ( if that is what you want) or texture to the room.

Area rugs // Ivory medallion rug 

coffe table style3… Organize everything on a beautiful coffee table

Make a great styling for the table and arrange your coffee and daily essentials like photo albums, books and candles.

Creased vase

gallery wall4….Add personality to the room by creating a gallery wall

When choosing the framed pictures you have to keep in mind two things – focus on the style of the room you want and think about what defines you.

Print set

plants5… Using plants is essential

Add an exotic vibe using oversized plants that will work wonders in a Californian chic, and boho chic interior.

Agave pot

6 Easy Steps to a dreamy living room -lamps6… Gorgeous lamps

Add style to the space by picking a statement lamp.

Brass arc lamp // Walnut tripot floor lamp // vintage style lamp





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