5 TIPS To Style your Coffee Table

5 TIPS To Style your Coffee Table

From the dreamy Danish townhouses to the stylish Australian apartments and shoe designer Tabitha Simmons New York home, coffee table decor has a common denominator.

Decorating your coffee table with style involves some coffee table books, a candle and at least one vase with fresh flowers. Peonies being on top of the style list.

Ok, it’s a bit more complicated than that… but still…

It could be a sculpture, a box, a glass bowl, a silver tray or all of the above. Using as an inspiration the amazing photos from incredible homes arround the world photographed mostly for Elle Decor you can create your signature beautiful space.

I change my coffee table decor every season. It is my easy way of refresh the look of my living room… If you follow me on Instagram@trendsurvivor you might have noticed I have two coffee tables. One has black and white decor and the other all white candles, a coffee table book and a plant with white flowers that stays longer fresh in the hot Greek summer than a vase with flowers.

What you will need to decorate your coffee table:

Let’s start:

Stylish Coffee Tables

1. Obviously, you will need a stylish coffee table

2. Coffee table books 

Stylish coffee table

Choosing what represents your personality makes sense here. By the way, I love Tabitha Simmons butterfly carpet. (image below)

Tabitha Simmons townhouse in Manhattan

My favorites include the following coffee table fashion books best sellers.

3. A vase or pot with flowers

Stylish Coffee Tables, Glass vase white flowers

I buy fresh flowers when I have guests but usually I prefer plants. I like the fact they are actually alive! If I see them unhappy, I plant them in the garden sooner…

The vase could be a metal minimal statement vase like the high end metal De Vecchi vases

or a bargain five piece glass vase set for an unexpected twist.

4. The boxes

boxes coffee table

I like boxes lately. I got a croco effect leather one from Zara home. It has a silver snake on it and have it on my black and white decorated glass table… for now.

5. The fashionable Silver Trays

Stylish Coffee Tables

A classic you might already own and you have it stocked away in your kitchen… like me?!

Take it out put some candles on it and voila a new easy decor idea.

Photos © Vogue, Elle Deco, Pinterest

Have a lovely Day!!!


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