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5 Tips to look more photogenic - TrendSurvivor

5 Tips to look more photogenic

5 tips to look more attractive in photos. These tried and tested steps will ensure you will look more photogenic in your next Instagram picture.


1… When taking group selfies never stand the closest to the camera because you will look disproportionately larger.

GIGI HADID kendal bella, photogenic

2… Take full length photos from a lower angle, it stretches your figure and you will appear taller.

3…Tilt your face slightly to the side. It will give your features more depth and you will look prettier.


white dress // handbag // Maryam Nassir Zadeh mules


4…When seated ask the person taking the photograph to the the picture from above. Tilt your face up to meet the camera.

5….Find your good side. According to fashion photographer Garance Dore usually the left side is more attractive. Check your favorite photos to find out.


Bag Le Birkin Basket similar here // Classic Cortez sneakers Nike 


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

Photos-Garance Dore

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