5 stylish clever tips to decorate your outdoor space

5 stylish clever tips and you’ll be on your way to transforming your backyard into a brand new outdoor retreat. Small changes will make a big difference. Check out my 5 ideas to decorate your outdoor space.

1… Start from the bottom

decorate floor
Change the floor. Many hardware stores sell interlocking deck tiles (like these ) that you can then lay out to fit the square footage of your outdoor space.

2…Use a mirror to give depthoutdoor space mirror

Entry consoles and mirrors create a stylish outdoor space.  Mirrors can give an optical illusion of a larger space.

3…Built an outdoor sofa

plants flowers bench

Built an outdoor sofa with flowers and olive trees in the back.

4… Make a hanging garden 

wall plant gallery

Use low maintenance plants and create a beautiful wall plant gallery.

5…Use an outdoor rag

rag outdoor decorUpgrade your patio or veranda with an outdoor rug.


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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    1. I love beautiful outdoor spaces… so relaxing…when you live in the suburbs like I do..

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