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5 Style Lessons from Olivia Palermo - TrendSurvivor

5 Style Lessons from Olivia Palermo

Young style icon, model, fashion blogger Olivia Palermo looks amazing whether she’s sitting front row at Fashion Week or walking around New York City in her Nike trainers with hair in a ponytail.

I must mention that her husband Johannes Huebl and their dog Mr Butler add beauty and glamour to her amazing style.

Trawling through all of Olivia Palermo’s best looks there are a few lessons to be learned along the way.

Go for extra long flares

Olivia Palermo flare jeans

Flares Paris fashion week olivia

The perfect pair of flare jeans can tend to be the most flattering silhouette a trouser can take. Your legs will appear slimmer and elongated and works well with a larger variety of body types.

Sneakers for all

Olivia Palermo sneakers

If you thought you can’t wear sneakers with about anything… Olivia Palermo suggests you think again.

Embrace Stripes and Mix

Olivia stripes


Why wear one set of stripes when you can wear two? Make like Olivia Palermo and team a pair of striped wide leg trousers with a striped shirt.


White tailored jackets are a must


Olivia Palermo dog

Olivia Palermo loves white tailored jackets.

By the way, she is always photographed with her gorgeous BFF Mr Butler and according to Glamour magazine, he even joins her on her fashion appointments.

Keep Your Sunglasses Game Strong

Olivia Palermo sunglasses

Olivia Palermo is the Queen of shades. She has teamed up with Westward // Leaning to design eight exclusive sunglasses. This is one of those pairs – nice, eh?

Check this one and this one!

Olivia’s Style

Stripped blouse and culottes //  White tailored jacket // Extra long flares


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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