5 Style Lessons from Princess Diana

Diana is remembered as much for her bold yet elegant style as she is for her compassion, wit and progressive worldview. As all good fashion icons do, her outfits were reflective of society at the time, managed to push boundaries, speak to her evolution as a person, and stand up to the ol’ test of time.

Her outfit choices feel more 2018 than any of the royal outfits do today (soz, Kate), which is why she’ll always be a #1 style queen.

1….Stick To What You Know 

Wear blazers, jeans and white t-shirts. ‘Effortless’ is used in reference to Princess Diana’s style all the time.

Blazer // mom jeans

2…Sleeves Were Made To Be Puffed 

Whereas most 80s iterations of the trend would look garish and dated thirty years on, Di had a genius ability to make trends era-defying.

puffy sleeves white shirt 

3.. Wear Bike Shorts 

Bike shorts are a perfectly acceptable choice when it comes to shorts for any occasion in my mind, and I owe it all to Princess Diana and this iconic image of her in them.

Biker shorts // sweatshirt

4…White shirt and loafers

Dress for the leisurely activities you’d like to do.

white shirt // beige pants // beige loafers

5...Go for all white

Teamed with a sun-kissed skin, a simple square-neck white dress, drop earrings and strappy 90s heels, it is the ultimate girl-on-holiday vibe.

white pencil dress // white kitten heel shoes





Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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