5 Reasons Why Lash Extensions Aren’t Going Anywhere Soon

Lash extensions are taking the beauty world by storm. Luscious lashes are gracing the eyelids of virtually everyone, from A-list celebrities walking the red carpet to stylish and savvy moms in the PTA. This approachable beauty trend seems as if it is here to stay for good, unlike some trends, like blue eyeshadow and press on nails; RIP. Here are a few reasons why lash extensions are dominating the beauty world right now.


5 Reasons Why Lash Extensions Aren't Going Anywhere Soon[br]

1. Application is easier than ever before

We’ve been obsessed with eyelashes for centuries. While methods like plucking out eyelashes may have been the beauty standard back in the 1400s, today’s trend calls for quite the opposite. Getting longer, more voluminous lashes is easier than ever before thanks to lash extensions. It’s incredibly easy to find a trained lash technician in your area or even become one yourself.  

2. Your natural eyelashes won’t get damaged

Contrary to popular belief, lash extensions do not ruin your natural eyelashes, the Huffington Post says. Unlike some other beauty trends, like gel nails that can damage your natural nails, lash extensions do not impact the health of your natural lash when they are applied correctly.

3. Lash extensions last for a long time

Another reason why women are opting for lash extensions is because they last. A lash extension application session takes about two hours and can last for weeks at a time. In most cases, if lash extensions are applied and cared for correctly, they can last three weeks or more. As your natural lashes continue to grow over time, your lash extensions will shed. This process happens naturally over time — it is normal and painless.

4. They look natural

Luxury lash extensions provide a more natural look than drugstore lashes or overdone, over-applied mascara that can look clumpy. Lash extensions are offered in a variety of different lengths and various volumes, ranging from thin to fluffier, multiple colors and tones, and can be matched to your natural lash or customized however you like by a licensed lash stylist.

5. Your morning beauty routine is simplified

More and more women are opting for lash extensions because it simplifies their daily beauty routines. Lash extensions easily give the appearance of full, feathery lashes without mascara application. Experienced beauty stylists and lash techs alike cite that wearing mascara with lash extensions can wear down the lash, and it is not a good idea to wear it when you have lash extensions because it can dull them and clump them all together. Beauty experts also recommend choosing a water-based liquid eyeliner because it is easier to remove, which means you won’t be rubbing your eyes and lashes, which can ultimately damage your lash extensions and even harm your natural lashes and baby lashes.

With good reason, it seems like the lash extension beauty trend is here to stay. Because, what woman doesn’t want to look like she was born with beautiful, lush, fluffy eyelashes?


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