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5 Pieces Of Surfing Gear Every Beginner Should Have

Have I ever told you windsurfing is my favorite sport? I was windsurfing passionately in my 20s and tried it last year again in Paros. It’s exciting and one of the best ways to stay fit so I guess surfing will be relatively easy to learn.

My cousins and my brother in law surf all year round in La Jolla and I have decided it’s time to learn.

Getting into surfing can be quite expensive. A decent board, wetsuit, and all the extra gear that comes with owning even those two key pieces are sure to run you a couple hundred dollars.

Beginners are better off renting the necessities until they’re confident that buying their own is a worthy investment, but there are certain pieces that everyone should have, regardless of how vested they are in the sport.

There are numerous items that will make each session more safe and enjoyable. Here are five that you can pick up right now.

coco ho surf

Surf Leash

This basic accessory is considered essential and can very well save you from losing your board or, more importantly, your life. When attached to a swivel on your board, which is another important accessory as it stops the leash from getting tangled around your legs, it has no chance of being lost when you fall off.

Ensure that the leash you pick up is at least board length. This way you won’t be hit by your board when you fall off. They’re fairly inexpensive compared to other items on this list, so be sure to make it a priority.

Surf Pack

Unlike a normal backpack, a surfer’s backpack is designed with special compartments for your gear. This includes a sealed, water-resistant section for items such as your wetsuit. This keeps the other items that you want to remain dry safe from moisture.

There are usually additional pockets for storing items such as food, drinks, fins, leashes, sunscreen, and towels. The versatility of these bags makes them a great investment. You can use them for practically anything else, including other sports such as baseball. Which, if you’re interested in, by the way, you can keep up to date with gear news and reviews on The Planet Of Baseball.

Ear Plugs

Slapping the side of your head onto water when you fall off your board is something you’ll deeply regret if you’re not wearing earplugs. Upon doing so, you risk developing surfer’s ear, a condition where a bone structure starts developing within your ear channel.

It’s about as nasty as it sounds, and the only cure is surgery. A simple pair of earplugs will alleviate this issue and ensure that you never have to worry about it again.


Sandboards need wax to glide over dunes with less friction, whereas surfboards need wax for the complete opposite reason – to stop you from sliding off. Unless you have traction pad money, use wax to apply a texture to the board where your feet will stand.


This often-overlooked necessity is perhaps one of the most important. The only thing the sun is guaranteed to do for you is to burn you and give you skin cancer. An application of sunscreen wherever your skin is exposed will go a long way in helping you avoid those issues.


Now that you have the essentials sorted out, all you need is a wetsuit, board, and some Coco Ho determination. Before you know it, you’ll be gliding over waves with style, safe from the elements.

Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

Photo: Coco Ho

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