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5 Best Summer Beauty Secrets to Learn from Celebrities - TrendSurvivor

5 Best Summer Beauty Secrets to Learn from Celebrities

Just before you run outside and enjoy the warm summer weather, take a moment to learn what celebrities, like Khloe Kardashian and Blake Lively, do to make sure that their skin, hair, and health is protected and ready for the hotter months ahead.

1….Khloé Kardashian: Remember to Put SPF on Your Hands

KHloe Kardashian summer tipAs many people say, the hands are the first to show signs of aging. To slow down the process, Kardashian recommends keeping SPF in your car.

2…..Blake Lively: Condition Before Shampooing to Protect Blonde Hair from Chlorine

Blake lively hair tipTo keep her signature blonde color and avoid brassiness, especially when she’s swimming in chlorine-filled pools, Blake Lively follows a special hair routine: conditioning before shampooing.

3…..Josephine Skriver: Use Coconut Oil as SPF for Your Scalp


Because applying SPF on your scalp can be a pain in the summer, Skriver, a Victoria’s Secret model, recommends using coconut oil for its natural sun-protecting qualities. The model suggests sleeping with coconut oil in your hair so that when you wake up, your scalp is nice and hydrated and ready for the day of sun.

4….Lauren Conrad: Sleep with Moisturized Feet in Cotton Socks

Lauren Conrad beauty tipsFor sandals-ready feet, Conrad recommends scrubbing your feet clean of any excess skin in shower before moisturizing them with a generous amount of lotion before bed.

5….Olivia Culpo: Use a Hydrating Mist to Avoid Cakey Makeup

Olivia Culpo beauty tipsIf you’re looking for an easy way to touch up cakey makeup, Culpo recommends a good hydrating spray, like Evian.

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