5 Beauty Tips to Change Your Beauty Routine FOREVER

What I didn’t mention in the title of the post is that the 5 Beauty Tips  will Change Your Beauty Routine  forever because they are by Lisa Eldridge.

Many of my makeup tips on TrendSurvivor are inspired from her extraordinary successful blog. You can check here 


The noted British makeup artist who started by giving one-on-one tips at Lancome’s beauty counter in Harrods years ago, has just been named the new Creative Director of Makeup for the brand.

According to the businessoffashion.com, The French cosmetics company and Eldridge announced the appointment on Instagram simultaneously via a video of Eldridge in a make-up atelier.

Make up tips

Here are the 5 tips from the makeup artist that has a lineup of A-list celeb clients and over a million YouTube subscribers.

1. How to apply Blusher

Instead of piling the blush on the apples of your cheeks, apply with a fluffy brush in a C shape starting at the temples and moving slightly under the cheekbone. This lightly contours and adds a healthy flush without looking too red.

2. How to wear dark lipstick

A dark lipstick might be too stark for the office if you apply a thick layer. Instead, blot dark lipsticks on moisturized lips with your finger to create a sheer stain. This proves that lips can be moody without being too made up.

3. How to get the perfect cat eye

Start with a swipe of liquid eyeliner to create a guide for a longer-lasting gel liner. This fills in top lashes to make them look fuller and is thin enough to create even the tiniest detail.

4. How to Conceal Acne

Instead of packing on heavy concealers, cover blemishes by buffing a high-coverage foundation with a blending brush (only on problem areas) over your daily foundation routine. The result is flawless, not cakey.

5.  How To get Smoky Eye Without The Dark Circles

Avoid looking like a raccoon by applying dark shadows on a clean, moisturized face. Always apply your foundation and concealers after you have created the sultry smoky eye. This keeps the look clean and tidies up any shadow mishaps.

This last tip is my latest addition to my everyday brown shade smokey eye makeup routine.

Even though it sounds contrary to all of the above the “No makeup” makeup Video by Lisa Eldridge takes some work and makeup products to pull off.

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