40 Things I Can Do at 40 That I Couldn’t Do When I was 20

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I recently read an article “40 Things I Can Do at 40 That I Couldn’t Do When I was 20” by Wendy Fontaine, for Huffington Post and thought it is worth sharing, 264,134 other people thought it was worth sharing on facebook, too 🙂

Wendy is a writer, editor, journalism professor at Pepperdine University and mother living in Los Angeles. She holds a masters degree in creative writing from Antioch University and her work has appeared in many newspapers. Her article made me smile and it is so so true!

Wendy starts her article ” It seems like just yesterday I turned 20, celebrating with a double-layer chocolate cake….to celebrate my passage into this fifth decade, here’s a list of 40 things I can do now that I couldn’t do then.”

I can’t say that for me it seems like just yesterday I turned 20, but it seems like yesterday my kids were babies and now they have turned 20 and Kate Moss turned 40! Unbelievable…

Wendy Fontaine’s list of the things you can do after 40

1. Cook a decent meal.
2. Make a killer cup of coffee.
3. Tell the truth.
4. Have a healthy relationship.
5. Look past a person’s flaws.
6. Look past my own flaws.
7. Stay home on New Years Eve.
8. Pay my bills.
9. Go out without makeup on.
10. Go to the gynecologist without being embarrassed.
11. Go to a therapist without feeling ashamed.
12. Speak to a group of strangers.
13. Buy the good wine.
14. Handle rejection.
15. Read Didion instead of Cosmo.
16. Be happy for other people, instead of jealous.
17. Ignore the trends (skinny jeans included) and wear what looks good on my body.
18. Ignore the Kardashians, Rihanna and every other celebrity du jour.
19. Ignore people’s nasty comments.
20. Ignore my ex.
21. Stand up for myself.
22. Stand up for people I love.
23. Sit at a concert.
24. Take a cab home instead of insisting I’m OK to drive.
25. Wear a hat when it’s cold.
26. Stop worrying about whether people like me or think I’m pretty.
27. Be my kid’s hero.
28. Show her what independence looks like.
29. Show her what real beauty is.
30. Drive the speed limit.
31. Drop that toxic friend.
32. Avoid the drama.
33. Swear in front of my mom.
34. Swap the tanning lotion for eye cream.
35. Focus on the smart guy instead of the handsome guy.
36. Say “no” to stuff.
37. Skip the gym and go for a walk outside.
38. Stop trying to be perfect.
39. Let go of expectation.
40. Adjust to changes.

And one to grow on: Understand that the best is yet to come.

You can read the complete article here

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