4 ways to wear the Flounce hem skirt ( and look chic )


Flounce hem is the new, fashionable super feminine detail for Fall that can look sophisticated and polished when worn the right way.  Learn to master Fall’s New Skirt Silhouette.

The difference between a flounce and a ruffle skirt, is that ruffled pieces are gathered at the top, with frill that moves through the length of the fabric while clothes with flounce are smooth up top before widening out the bottom.

But which is the right way to wear a ruffle piece in order to avoid super girly style? Check out some useful styling advice because the childlike frills have gotten a high-fashion makeover!


5 ways to wear the flounce hem and look sophisticated

1. Wear it long


I first saw the sophisticated version of the flounce hem skirt, at the  Mary Katranzou’s Autumn Winter 2015 show in London. So no doubt, rule number one is to go for the midi skirt or dress length.

2. You can wear it short, too but…

white flounce skirt and white boxy top

This less-exaggerated take on ruffles can look good in a mini version if you avoid to look super girly. Wear a men’s wardrobe inspired sweater or an oversized turtleneck. Go for the boy meets girl outfit idea.

3. Pair the flounce hem skirt with a classic staple piece

Flounce hem skirt street style

Wearing a biker leather jacket or other winter staples you own will complement your statement piece.

4. Pair with masculine shoes

Victoria Beckham wearing new Fall flounce skirt

As see in Vogue.com, Victoria Beckham is rocking the new feminine Fall skirt silhouette. The trumpet skirt has been having a moment the last few years.

Even though we saw the flounce-hemmed pieces with towering platforms and narrow stilettos on the runway in real life brogues or over the knee boots look better.

Are you ready for some exaggerated ruffles, voluminous frills, and the fashionable structured flounce? I sure am. Just got a midi dress that I can’t wait to show you.

Stay tuned the dramatic hemline is coming up in the next TrendSurvivor outfit post.

Images- Popsugar.com, becauseIamaddicted.tumbl.com



add a little drama with a ruffle hem to your everyday… style



Images- Vogue.com

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  1. I really like the femininity of the flounce hem skirt. And especially love the edgy more masculine boots that Victoria Beckham paired with her flounce skirt. Wonder if I have the guts to incorporate this into my style.

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