4 beauty treatments you can do while you shower

Shower beauty tips to score glowing skin, pretty feet and fabulous hair in no time.

Four easy beauty treatments you can do while you shower that will make your skin and hair glow.

Have you thought that shower time presents a whole host of treatment opportunities?

Streamline your beauty routines by adding a few efficient and effective beauty steps.

There’s a way to bleach out your hair in the time it takes to exfoliate your feet. Honestly, there were so many 10-minute-or-less in shower options however I narrowed them down to my top five.

Which of these beauty treatments do you wish to add to your shower routine before your next shampoo?


4 beauty treatments you can do while you shower


Shower Beauty Tips

Refresh your highlights 

refresh highlightsThis is one of my favorites. Bleaching your hair while wet with in shower lightening treatment. In five minutes your hair will look like it’s been highlighted by the sun.

Get a mini facial

foreo LunaWhile the steamy shower opens pores the steady flow of water makes for an easy rinse. This macaroon-sized, non-rechargeable version of the FOREO LUNA™ is perfect for in shower cleansing routines. Available also here

Apply a facial mask 

carcoal maskMakes total sense after a deep clean and it only takes 10 minutes. Plus, does anyone else hate rinsing off a face mask in the sink as much as I do?

Choosing and using the best masks for your skin can be hard with so many options available in the market.

I check labels for charcoal. Charcoal masks reduce pores by drawing out impurities from the skin caused by the pollutants of daily life, like makeup and dirt according to Mona Gohara, MD, an associate clinical professor at Yale’s Department of Dermatology.

Teeth Whitening

teeth whiteningUse oil pulling peppermint coconut oil for whitening teeth. This is a great product. It, also, makes a difference in the health of your gums as well as having fresher breath.





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