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3 tips to wear Bright Orange Red lipstick this Spring - TrendSurvivor

3 tips to wear Bright Orange Red lipstick this Spring

Kate Bosworth orange red lipstick

The three tips you, need to know, on how to wear high-impact hues namely the bright orange red lipstick this Spring are by makeup artist Troi Ollivierre.

I have a red lipstick mania, I admit!

But for Spring Summer 2015 it’s going towards orange red lipstick shades.

Blame it on the signature look of style icon Joanna Hillman, or to old Hollywood nostalgia….

Voting for orange red lips this Spring.

Bright color lips minimizes the time you need for your makeup routine… sometimes mascara and show stopping lipstick is all you need for a glowing fresh look.

Did you know, make up artist Troi Ollivierre, was the only man who could exactly create the bright lipsticks worn by J.Crew models, for over 10 years?

“I used to custom-blend the colors,” the makeup artist explains.

Now, thanks to his new line of lipsticks, Troi’s signature orangey-red colors are finally available outside the J.Crew’s runway shows and Style Guide shoots.

My favorite is  fiery orange-red from J Crew, this shade warms up every skin tone and spells modern-casual perfection.

Shhhh … there is 30% discount with code: TIMETOSHOP (from April 20, 2015 through April 26, 2015)

However, I did promise you three Troi Ollivierre’s tips:

J Crew orange red lipstick

1. There is no “right” color

Ollivierre has used the lipsticks on models with a wide range of skin tones, and he says there aren’t any rigid rules about which color works best. Instead, finding the most flattering shade has more to do with how you wear the color. “The lipsticks are highly pigmented,” he says, “so it’s about the application method more than just the idea of what’s ‘right’ for your skin tone.” On that note…

2. There is no right application methods

Try different methods to find what suits you best. For precise line use a lip brush for everyday wear try patting the lipstick on with fingers for edges that are a little imperfect and more natural.

3. Keep the rest of the face simple

It all boils down to this rule. You will need to go easy with the rest of your makeup.

“If you’re going to add to a bright lip, add one thing,” Ollivierre says. 


Image- Kate Bosworth orange red lipstick, J Crew

Have a lovely Day!!!

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