3 things every Man should own after 21 and before 30

Three things every man should own before 30

Once my son Nikos turned 21, it was time to lose the childish Velcro wallets in favor of a more distinguished man style leather wallet, retire the college sweatshirts sometimes for classic jacket and get some leather footwear. Here are three things every man should own by after twenty one and no later than… thirty which are also great gift ideas for the man in your life.

Leather wallet

Shinola leather wallet
Shinola leather wallet

In a man’s younger days, contraptions that opened with an unceremonious scratching noise courtesy of Velcro, Ziploc bags and holey pockets were all considered worthy containers for their money. Before thirty, it’s time to upgrade to a genuine leather wallet that doesn’t make people cringe every time you whip it out. Shinola makes leather wallets that are both rugged and refined.


blazer for men illustration

While young men’s trusty college sweatshirt might have gone with everything in their wardrobe a decade ago, when they’re thirty and the weather gets chilly, pulling on a classic cut blazer will help you keep warm in style.

Leather shoes

Cole Haan Air Grant Driving Loafer
Cole Haan Air Grant Driving Loafer

If all their footwear is made of canvas or rubber, it’s time to get a pair of leather shoes. Depending on their needs,  they might opt for comfy loafers or smart oxfords. Cole Haan makes great leather shoes that are also comfortable.

While your man always remains young at heart or in your eyes, when he reaches 21, owning a few essentials will go a long way.

Nina Papaioannou son Nikos Svolos
My son Nikos with me last summer in Paros, Greece

Images- Sam Hofman, AF

Illustration- Gabi Anderson

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