3 Smart Travel Packing Tips and Tricks (Video)

3 Smart Travel Packing Tips and Tricks3 smart travel packing tips and tricks for business travelers and families getting on travel mode.

Even though, I usually straggle with packing and overweight I have 5 smart packing tips from wardrobe consultants who have packed for hundreds of trips for their clients and advised professionals on smart dressing tips while away from home.

The goal is style and comfort with minimum amount of baggage.

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3 Top Smart Packing Travel Tips and Tricks


1.  Want to be Wrinkle Free? from Kerry Cordero, Image Consultant, Wardrobe Stylist & Corporate Speaker on Image, Dress & Authority

Lay the item out flat, this is especially great for blazers and suit jackets, and insert it into a clear plastic dry cleaning bag. Then roll it. Better yet, leave it on the wire hanger, fold the hanger down and when you arrive, bend the hanger back into shape and put it straight in the closet. This is probably one of my all time, best smart dressing tips.

2. From the 50 top packing tips by columnist Maggie O’Sullivan for the Telegraph.co.uk I found useful the John Lewis and Samsonite  video that gives advice on packing a suitcase…. hahaha

3. The Video the art of packing by Louis Vuitton

An inspiring helpful Louis Vuitton video with packing tricks! The luxury brand Louis Vuitton has been synonymous with the art of stylish travel since 1854. Check out their folding techniques.

If you ask me, my smart travel packing tips and tricks are try to choose one color garments, I usually go for black and try to pack less shoes.

Enjoy your travels!

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